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Onboarding is the process that engages or integrates an individual or groups of employees into a business, new process, technology or position to accelerate their productivity and maximize retention. These individuals may be new hires, new managers, contractors or members of a merged unit.  Existing employees need to be Onboarded to new positions within the company, but are often lleft out.

How these individuals or groups are introduced and acclimated to the “change” can directly impact their time to productivity and, ultimately, their commitment to your organization.

Our experience and capabilities in Change Management, Organizational Communication and Targeted Training allows us to create customized, comprehensive and appealing onboarding programs to maximize employee engagement and retention. 

To learn more about our Onboarding services and methodology, please see our Onboarding Approach and the Tools, Products and Services we employ.

Online Orientation is a major component of Onboarding. We design and custom build interactive Online Orientation applications to engage your new hires and remediate your existing staff. As the leader in this field, we have many Demos from a wide variety of industries to share. This a major trend within all companies. We put our experience to use in developing the perfect Online component to educate your people.

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